Thursday, 3 January 2019

Armoured Bulletproof Toyota Fortuner - Popular SUV in Asia & Africa

Armoured Bulletproof Toyota Fortuner - Popular SUV in Asia & Africa

MSPV Armoured Bulletproof Toyota Fortuner is a popular Armoured SUV in Asia and Africa. MSPV Armoured Toyota Fortuner offers the right mix of refined style with intelligent performance. One in every of our most well liked armored vehicles, the Fortuner redefines light-weight combat vehicle protection and performance with affordable budget. MSPV armoring a vehicle is to provide maximum protection of the occupant safety cell while retaining all the vehicle’s safety and convenience systems.

MSPV providing Level B4+ or B6 Level Armor specifications while not compromising several of the additional luxurious options found inside the vehicle. The bulletproof Toyota Fortuner interior includes luxurious leather seats and in addition to standard armor, you can also request for additional options.

MSPV has used the basic structure of Fortuner and reinforced it with high-quality armour steel from the inside. Windshield and door windows are reinforced with bullet-proof high-quality glass while the car’s batteries, ECU, fuel tank, etc has been protected by high-quality ballistic steel. In order to meet this heavy load, the suspensions have been stiffened while the tyres and alloys remain same as before. But, tyres are now fitted with run-flat tech.

The Armoured Toyota Fortuner is also available in VIP, CIT and Personnel transport configurations. With customizable armoring packages available, you’ll be protected wherever you go. Contact us for additional details and for a free quote.  For more information, contact us at +971 4 425 1761 or draft emails on or visit

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