Thursday, 28 April 2016

Drive High Quality Armoured SUVs From MSPV

MSPV's wide product range includes armoured SUVs and sedans, specialized trucks both armoured and non-armoured, buses and vans, as well as special projects for special machineries and avionic. SUVs and sedans are available for VIP protection, valuables transport, convoy escort, police operations and all other applications where mobility in safety and discretion is required. The truck range, developed both in left and right hand drive versions, both single and double cabin up to 7 seats, covers military solutions (armoured personnel carriers, troopers, mobile command-and-control and more), homeland protection vehicles (border control, riot control, EOD solutions, monitoring etc.), ambulances, civil protection, fire-fighting, and forestry together with road maintenance vehicles and a wide range of civilian solutions. Permanent 4x4 traction and a range of different power-train solutions gives the MSPV truck range unbeaten off-road performances. Buses range from 10-seater minibuses to full-size 40+ passenger buses and coaches. Special projects include earth-moving and construction equipment for use in areas under threat or at risk from left-over explosive ordnance.

Offering MSPV Armoured Range Rover Sport SUV

If you looking for ‪‎Armoured‬ ‪‎Luxurious‬ ‪‎SUV‬, we offering MSPV ‪‎Armored‬ ‪‎RangeRover‬. This luxurious SUV is a ‪‎popular‬ ‪‎vehicle‬ to armour giving its smooth drive and versatility; making it an excellent choice for up fit armor. Armoured Range Rover is one of the most luxurious full-sized SUV due to its exquisite interior, nimble handling, a comfortable ride and outstanding ‪‎offroad‬ capabilities. Check our website or sent email to

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser Ambulance

Based in the UAE, MSPV is an international structure and operates from its Dubai Head Quarters, with production facilities and engineering structures in Jordan, Egypt, Belgium, Italy, Bulgaria and Nigeria. With a daily production capacity in excess of 50 units and a team of engineers able to deliver tailor-made solutions in record time, MSPV is the ideal partner for all your critical ground-mobility requirements.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Strength Of MSPV Armored Vehicles

MSPV offers its customers a unique combination of capabilities with an expanding network of production facilities, an automotive engineering unit with years of experience in the conception and design of passenger cars and trucks, dedicated prototyping facilities and a core management and design team having gathered invaluable know-how working for some of the most prestigious and best established coachwork and armouring companies in Europe.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

MSPV ‪‎Armoured‬ ‪‎Toyota‬ ‪‎LandCruiser‬ ‪‎TLC‬ 78 is ideal for your personal ‪‎Safety

MSPV ‪‎Armoured‬ ‪‎Toyota‬ ‪‎LandCruiser‬ ‪‎TLC‬ 78 is ideal for your personal ‪‎safety‬ while on or off the road. It offers a very good balance of ‪‎protection‬, reliability, ‪‎comfort‬ and value. We fully ‪‎customize‬ each vehicle for optimum ‪‎security‬ and with your specific security needs in mind. For more details check our website or Contact

Saturday, 23 April 2016

MSPV ‪‎Armoured‬ ‪‎Toyota‬ ‪‎Coaster‬ is a predominantly ‪‎passenger ‪‎bus

MSPV ‪‎Armoured‬ ‪‎Toyota‬ ‪‎Coaster‬ is a predominantly ‪‎passenger ‪‎bus used for ‪‎commercial‬ and ‪‎corporate‬ services. They provides increased ‪‎protection‬ for passengers, usually against small arms and improvised ‪‎explosive‬ devices. this ‪‎armored‬ bus is a great way to transport groups in complete ‪‎security‬.The Coaster is available with both diesel and petrol engines and can be armored to the CEN B6/NIJ Level III specifications. Contact us by email: or check website

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Toyota Prado Armouring Features

Toyota Prado Armouring Features: MSPV ‪‎Armoured‬ ‪‎Toyota‬ ‪‎Prado‬ is always ‪‎best‬ ‪‎selling‬ ‪‎armored‬ ‪‎vehicle‬ due to its of ‪‎luxury‬, ‪‎performance‬ and ‪‎security‬ features. Armored Toyota Prado is ideal for ‪‎diplomatic‬, ‪‎humanitarian‬ aid and ‪‎international‬ organizations operating in harsh ‪‎terrain‬ and ‪‎dangerous‬ regions throughout the world. Our track record of ‪‎superb‬ performance for more than decades has set a standard …

Armoured Security Cabins - MSPV

MSPV ‪Armored‬ ‪Security‬ ‪‎Cabin‬ which is produced for the purpose of ‪defence‬ , ‪attack‬ , reconnaissance and observation can be used in all kinds of areas where attacks against security of life and property are in question, with the ‪armoured‬ ‪structure‬ it has, alarm and siren device, camera systems. These cabin enables the related security staff to execute their duties without getting harmed in all stages where risks related to security takes part; especially ‪embassies‬ , ‪consulates‬ , ‪police‬ ‪stations‬ , ‪military‬ buildings, police ‪‎headquarters‬ , ‪international‬ ‪convention‬ ‪centers‬ , ‪‎private‬ ‪‎companies‬ . Contact us by email on or visit

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Reliable Armoured Vehicles and Bulletproof Vehicles

Minerva Special Purpose Vehicles (MSPV) ‪‎Company‬’s aim is to develop a reliable ‪‎design‬, ‪‎modern‬ and ‪‎quality‬ ‪‎armored‬ ‪‎Vehicles‬, ‪‎Bulletproof‬ ‪‎Car‬, ‪‎Military‬ ‪‎Trucks‬ and ‪‎CIT‬ ‪‎vehicle‬. On a regular basis our service use ‪‎banking ‪‎institutions, ‪‎law‬ ‪‎enforcement ‪‎agencies, various ‪‎intelligence‬ agencies, and individuals who seek out for themselves reliable and ‪‎secure‬ ‪‎armoured‬ ‪‎VIP‬ class Vehicles. Quality, ‪‎high ‪‎performance and high level of ‪‎comfort were the “hallmark” of MSPV, in which its products around the world are well known and appreciated for the ‪‎superb‬ performance of our armored Vehicles.Contact us or check our website MSPV Armoured Vehicles 

Get featured Armoured Vehicle from MSPV

MSPV ‪‎armoured‬ ‪vehicles‬ are equipped with a complete ‪armoring‬ and various ‪‎security‬ ‪features‬. Our armored ‪cars‬ were delivered to ‪heads‬ of state, ‪‎CEOs‬, ‪celebrities‬, religious ‪leaders‬ and ‪civilians‬ worldwide. All ‪new‬ ‪armored‬ ‪vehicle‬ come with a warranty and can be delivered anywhere in the world. For customers, who are interested in armored ‪‎car‬, we have a whole fleet of ‪bulletproof‬ ‪special‬ vehicles, ‪‎SUV‬ and ‪sedans‬.
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Monday, 18 April 2016

MSPV Armoured‬ Personnel Carrier

MSPV Armoured‬ Personnel Carrier is a most used ‪Armored‬ ‪Military‬‪ vehicle‬, that completely safe from attacks, long lasting, highly mobile and fully ‪‎protected‬ at all times. We are manufacture of specialized Military vehicles for armed forces. MSPV offers end-to-end solutions, Military vehicles platform to meet the logistical requirements of armed forces around the world. Our expertise, manufacturing strengths, and cost-efficient production also make our products useful to foreign governments and‪#‎security‬ organizations.
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Friday, 15 April 2016

World’s Most Trusted Armored Vehicles and Bulletproof Cars

World’s Most Trusted Armored Vehicles and Bulletproof Cars: Minerva Special Purpose Vehicle (MSPV) is holistic approach in design helps us provide full armoring solutions to our clients. With our superior engineering processes, we are able to eliminate all potential weaknesses, making your transportation completely safe and secure. The biggest advantage we offer is the discrete appearance of the vehicles. Though they are heavily …mspv-armored-vehicles

Monday, 11 April 2016

Armored/ Bulletproof Vehicles Supplier in Kenya

Armored/ Bulletproof Vehicles Supplier in Kenya MSPV is a leading supplier of trustworthy  Armored or Bulletproof Vehicles , Cars, ...